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The right to orgasm – the condition for a successful relationship


Increasingly, it begins to talk about women who do not reach orgasm during intercourse, and yet another group experiences pain, which is directly related to excessive vaginal dryness. This type of disorder is called impotence. Every woman has the right to orgasm, because pleasure cannot be solely on the man’s side. Unfortunately, women do not want and do not talk about their ailments and live in relationships where going to bed becomes a horror movie. Penetration can be very painful if it rubs the membrane, which is used to cover the intimate areas.

The first symptoms of impotence are associated with many questions that have no clear answer. First of all, they are associated with the cause of the disease and undertaking appropriate treatment. Gentlemen do not want to see a doctor, both for the sake of shame and embarrassment, which, however, should not take away their chance of recovery. Because it is a sexologist, urologist and even a GP who is able to completely cure erectile dysfunction. It should be noted that men who do nothing with the problem will not see health improvement, and even sexual activity will no longer be possible at all.
It is estimated that less than 40% of impotence patients go to the doctor. The rest try to cope on their own, or pretend they are not affected. The question when to see a doctor is clear. You should react as soon as possible, because this is the only way to be able to achieve a natural erection again. The cause of the disease must be eliminated, so that, thanks to the help of pharmacological measures, patients can be given immediate help. It should not be forgotten that erectile dysfunction is often associated with age, however, there is also a large group of young patients who have to face this type of condition from an early age.

The most numerous is the group of men who are over 50 years old, and this is related to testosterone disappearing in their body, which is a natural aging process. Once again, we emphasize that the problem should be addressed as soon as possible, because the inability to achieve an erection is associated with a significant decrease in self-confidence, well-being and humor. Some men, along with impotence, must struggle with depression at the same time, which is why the problem is of great importance in human life and affects the man as well as his partner.

There is no way to deal with these ailments in a natural way, because it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist. Another discomfort is the lack of orgasm, which has nothing to do with a man’s lack of skills, but the point is that the partner is not able to achieve fulfillment. Then a vicious cycle begins, because the man expects a female orgasm because it is for him to ensure that he is able to satisfy her, which is very important for a loving partner, so the woman begins to pretend to be him. Pretending pleasure at the very beginning will not bring any negative effects, but after a while it will start to affect her psyche. Fake orgasms are associated with a general decrease in mood, malaise, and greater emotionality.
There are also remorse over deceiving a person who eventually swore allegiance. All the factors together mean that a woman is not in the best shape and, in addition, she doesn’t know what to do with herself, because female impotence is not as openly spoken as it is about male ailments. There are many reasons that are responsible for this state of affairs, however, it is the woman who is able to define them best, because she knows herself, her own body, and also realizes her relationship and whether there are problems with the relationship with a partner are not responsible for these complications.

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